Introduction to The Suicidal Jumpman Ruby game aka ROFLBALT

Hi folks, the last 3 days were MADLY fun for me @ Railscamp X (Adelaide). I was blown away with beers, whiskey, Werewolfs, foods, geeks, hackers and their SUPERCOOL hacks. Dennis Hotson (@dennishotson) and Paul Annesley (@pda) decided to join force to create a game that if was released before Mario, it would probably take on the world. (Unfortunately it was 25 years later). The game goal is to sustain alive by jumping on the top of the building as long as possible.

It is interesting to see the progress that Paul and Dennis made, from such few characters to draw the man (not knowing jumping yet) and build blocks to animated jumpman chasing the helicopter which blasted to pieces if bumped into buildings (/w blood trails on the building). Paul and Dennis called the game ROLFBALT, for me I would call it the Suicidal Jumpan for its bloody ending scene. I rank this game 2nd after the Wolf3D clone Rubystein. Give it a try now at

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