Replace Honda Accord Euro MY05 Battery

This year is the worst year of my life, everything is breaking down. And just a week before X-Mas, my car battery decided to retire after 5 years of hard work. So I started venturing into the World Wide Web to find a best replacement part. After digging into few forums, all recommended to go for ACDelco 430 or Supercharge Gold MF75****. It turns out that those batteries does not fit perfectly with my Accord Euro MY05. Besides, they are quite expensive too ~ around $150 AUD. In the end I called up John Blair Honda Parts and got a good deal for the Supercharge Silver SMF55D23L for $130. Off I went to pick it up and quickly got my dead battery replaced. Now my car roar like a real lion with a full 500CCA (the stock part is 300CCA though). I think I should hit the road now 🙂

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One response to “Replace Honda Accord Euro MY05 Battery

  1. hao

    ok but how long will last this new battery?

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