Howto remap Alt key to Meta key and Windows key to Option key on a PC keyboard for OSX?

Apple is famous for beautiful design with poor usability. After typing for a while, my fingers hurt so I decided not to use the Mac keyboard and replace it with a PC keyboard, in my case is the shiny and hefty Realforce 87UW keyboard. The downside of PC keyboard is the position of the Windows ~ Apple key  is swapped with the Alt key. In one of my old post, I used DoubleCommand to remap those keys, yet I have been feeling there must be a easier way. Now I found a way w/o installing any external apps, here is how:

1. Go to System Preferences > Keyboards > Modifiers Keys

2. Select the keyboard: Realforce 87 (yours differs)

3. Select Apple Command for Option Key

4. Select Option Key for Apple Command

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