Boost your MacBook Air sound with BOOM!!!

When I bough my Macbook Air 11″ 2010, I get so frustrated with the sound volume. The speaker is so low that you could hardly hear anything, plus bass and treble are so horrible. So before you decide to hit the road to get a new speaker set, please consider hitting this site first and download this great piece of software.

The name of the software said it all, BOOM, yes! it will turn your squeaky laptop to a real night club! After the installation, BOOM icon will reside on your top menu bar.

You can boost your sound louder than the standard max volume easily. Additionally, you can enable Equaliser feature with different preset to suit your ear. I am hearing Bob Marley right now so I choose ‘Vocals’ preset. The difference is substantial, I would say surreal! Now I want to get high with Bob Marley…

Rating: 4.5/5

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4 responses to “Boost your MacBook Air sound with BOOM!!!

  1. Polo

    This app is AWESOME!!! It really gives a real boost to your mac speakers… Thank you for the info!!

  2. Aaron


  3. Ernest

    perfect solution to the perfect sound!!!!!

  4. p.nösel

    This Software -unfortunately- does not run withh the newest OSX.
    developer seems not to answer within a week.

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