Tips to save up on travel from Melbourne to Sydney

  • Book the ticket in advance will save you up to 50% off airline ticket
  • Prefer flight from Tullamarine over Avalon airport will save you at least $40 on taxi/bus. If you have to fly from Avalon, I recommend you to catch Shuttle Bus from Southern Cross station (former Spencer Station). One way to Avalon would cost you $20 which is cheaper than travelling with taxi.
  • If you travel more than 1 person, taxi would be cheaper. Please ensure you have enough cash to pay for the taxi because EFTPOS take 10% surcharge.
  • If you fly with Tiger Airway, please make sure you do Web Checkin 4 hours in advance to your flight time. This would save you $25 check in fee.
  • If you fly with Virgin Blue or Jetstar, ALWAYS be present at the checkin 45 min in advance. If you are late 1 min, they would check you in with full fare on the next trip even though your flight has not yet departed.
  • Make sure you weight your luggage, you are allowed to carry <10kg bag on board with Tiger and 7kg with others.
  • When you arrive at Sydney airport, use Train if you go alone, if you travel with friends taxi would be much cheaper.

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