Google loves Pacman

PACMAN turns 30th today. Everybody loves Pacman, so does Google. To celebrate the 30th birthday, Google upload a fully playable Javascript Pacman game on If you click on Insert Coin button, you could play Ms.Pacman too.

The game is made with pure Javascript with Flash for Sound, which is a bit sux. There are few efforts to port the Flash to HTML5 audio, I will keep you up-to-date if there’s new progress.

UPDATE: The game went off from today, if you missed out, you can play it at:

Official Google Pacman game


Macek’s extracted version

If you want to play the game locally on your PC, please use GIT to clone the source at

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2 responses to “Google loves Pacman

  1. “Excellent, i couldnt write it better myself, there are enough elements to keep you reading, keep up the good work”

  2. why can’t I get pacman worked on nginx?
    I use nginx-light from dotdeb.
    There’s no problem when I used apache2.
    Hope you answer my silly question.


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