StarCraft 2 Beta for Mac OS X

Blizzard released the Beta Mac Client 2 days ago and I did not know the news until yesterday. So is the release worth the wait? Let’s check it out, shall we?

Similar to Windows release, the Digital Downloader download 2.99GB straight down to your computer. I expect that the final release would take whole 2 DVDs when it’s to be shipped with Single Player assets. On my slow connection, it took 3hrs to complete the download.

Once the download is complete, you will get a DMG file. Mount it up and simply click on the SC2 icon will install the whole SC2 into your Mac in seconds. I was in awe with the new GUI, it’s just full with details and attentions. Below is the screenshot of the patch downloader:

SC2 is probably one of the first game taking advantage of Torrent technology. While the patch is running, I discover few torrents file in the StarCraft folder

The game is resources hungry, it constantly use 120% of CPU resources (~ 2 cores). But it’s just a piece of cake on my 8 cores ;). After I loggin, I turn all graphics to max and the game still play smoothly though. If you are a SC fan, you should buy a good spec computer before buying the game. A Q2400 and GT250 should do the job fine.

There are not much differences between the Windows version, except that you could resize the window size. I also encounter few glitches with vertex shading while playing, but I guess this is due to the crappy gfx driver. Apple should do a better job on graphic side, the driver just bite the dust compared to Windows driver.

Overall, Mac client is really stable and as good as Windows client. You now can tell people stop installing BootCamp with Windows on a Mac and stick to their OS X environment :). If you want more screenshot or any info about SC2 on Mac, please feel free to contact me on Comment.

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8 responses to “StarCraft 2 Beta for Mac OS X

  1. TN

    Lai them mot qua trung ra doi 🙂

  2. Hey dude. Can you please send me a copy of the downloader? I tried to download it from their site, but it seems that it’s only available for the US. I have a Beta invite but I’m from Europe.

    • Jones Lee

      Hi dude, I just simply could not send 3GB of data. Please search on PirateBay or any P2P Search Engine for the Mac client

  3. Donny

    Is this available for those of us in Canada? Also is this a game you have to pay for over and over again just to ugprade components to really enjoy game play??

    • Jones Lee

      I am not very sure about the availability of the game downloader in Canada. BUT if you have the beta key, you could jump into PirateBay and look for the Mac client. The game is going on sale this June, and it’s one off fee ofcourse

  4. Ryan Goodfellow

    It is available to Canadians. You can pre-order the game from the Best Buy or Future Shop website and they will send you a beta key the next day. They will give you the link to log in to the Blizzard site, and voila. Personally, I find the game choppy and I have to keep the graphics on the lowest setting on my 2008 iMac. It’s quite frustrating…

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