First impression with Aptana Studio 3 Preview

If you haven’t heard of this amazing RoR IDE, then you were probably an TextMate addict or Vi loyalist or simply you have no idea what RoR is. Aptana Studio 2 is a award-winning IDE that is designed for RoR programmer. It features many features that make RoR easier and more manageable. Keeping up with great tradition of making good software, Aptana decided to simplify the GUI to make it more TextMate alike, with Rubble bundle (similar to TextMate bundle). The result of this GUI redesign is the birth of the version 3 that is now in beta testing phase. I was fortunate to have my hand on this new preview and here are my few impressions:

+ The GUI is streamlized and much resemble the TextMate GUI
+ GIT is utilized when creating new project if you have one
+ Access to Terminal is easier than ever with Terminal access in its own tab
+ The view mode comes very handy when you want to reveal controllers, helpers, views, models, libraries that is related to a specific object or file
+ Support multi-themes, how much I love Twilight theme of TextMate, now I could have it on my own Eclipse based IDE
+ Rubble bundle system that is much similar to TextMate bundle, there are heaps of bundle available
+ Debug function is not working yet, I am looking forward to ruby-debug19 support
+ Though the release note claim Rails 3 support, I confirm that this Rails 3 is not yet supported. All commands are to be done externally.
+ OpenJDK6 encounters crash quite often on Ubuntu, SunJRE 6 is highly recommended
+ The built-in Terminal is very sluggish and in some cases like installing plugin from a git respository doesn’t even output the process
+ I have no success with Git commit
+ This program is resource hungry, my IBM X200 2.26Ghz with 2GB RAM cries like no tomorrow

And in the end, it’s beta stage anyway. I see many potential in this program and would love to try it out again when it’s polished enough.

You can grab the beta packages here:

UPDATE: Public Review version is out and you could download it from

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7 responses to “First impression with Aptana Studio 3 Preview

  1. Kimimaru

    Can I have the download link please?

  2. It’s in the link in the post. G’luck

  3. Willem

    I have used Aptana Studio 3 Beta for about a week now and I am extremely happy. It works very well for me and it makes developing ruby and rails web applications a huge pleasure.

  4. mark

    I use it for front end dev and it’s great. PyDev is pretty great as well.

  5. how to activate the quick ?
    in its daownload page says:
    “Live Preview
    Quickly switch between a view of your source code and the rendered HTML page in popular web browsers. ”
    but how?

  6. I am testing new Aptana 3 and I must say that is pretty stable. No need for version 2 anymore 🙂

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