How to drop files into Mac OS X’s Drop Box with Linux?

You can drop files into Mac OS X Drop Box by using Nautilus. With this tutorial, I use Nautlius 2.30 on Ubuntu Lucid 10.04, however other older version should work too.

  1. Make sure you turn on File Sharing on your Mac. Please consult Mac 101: File Sharing if you don’t know how.
  2. Retrieve your Mac OS X machine IP address, you should could get the IP address with ‘ifconfig‘ in Terminal or via Preferences > Network
  3. Start Nautilus in Linux, then press Ctrl-L and type in smb://<IP address>, in my case, it is Please substitute your Mac machine IP in this field. Then press Enter
  4. You should see the Drop Box folder in your window, now you can drag and drop files from your Linux machine to this folder and your Mac machine would receive it at the other end in the Public > Drop Box folder.

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