[Tutorial] Collect User’s Screen Resolution Statistic for your website

Do you guys out there still remember the old time with EGA, CGA where 8 bit graphic bouncing up and down? Well it’s hard to believe that the Soviet Union collapsed and the world has moved on since that, so as screen. Say goodbye to your old ugly CRT and …. LED Screen is just around the corner. If you are still playing around with 1024×768 that could pop your eyes out in anytime, my advice is to throw it away to rubbish bin and grab for yourself a high res screen because money would not replace the new eyes for you. So how you would you know how many blokes out there still use the old 1024×768 or even 800×600, or simply you just want to know what screen your customers use to view your site for your own marketing statistic? It’s easy, let me guide you through on how.

1. Go to http://screenresolution.org and Sign Up
2. Go to http://www.screenresolution.org/user/get-report.php to generate the snippet that is going to be placed inside your website. For example, I create a snippet for ABC.com site, the website generate a JS snippet:

ABC.com Screen-Report JS Snippet

ABC.com Screen-Report JS Snippet

3. Now we need to do some tweak to that snippet if you want to hide the graphic poll insertion to your site, simply wrap that snippet within a hidden DIV:

<div style="display:none;">
<!-- Screen Resolution Report BEGIN -->
<div id="srreport">Powered by <a href="http://www.screenresolution.org/" title="Screen Resolution Statistics">ScreenResolution.org</a></div>
<!-- Screen Resolution Report END -->

4. Final step is to copy and paste that snippet to every HTML page of your webpage. Note: place the snippet within ‘body’ tag.
5. To view the stat, go to http://www.screenresolution.org/user/ and choose View Report, you will have something like this:
Screen Stats

Dead damm easy and useful stats ready to hot serve! XD

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